The KinkyCurly Revolution Manifesto

We are tired.

Tired of trying to fit into the mold of what society says is beautiful.

Tired of the pressure to "tame our hair" just to be accepted and appreciated.

Tired of Asian-based companies posing as Black-owned businesses, pretending to understand the struggle, just to make a profit off us.

We are proud.

Proud of who we are.

We are proud mothers, sisters, girls, educators, wives, daughters, caretakers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and so much more.

And we’ve been taken advantage of for far too long.

It’s time.

Time for us to make a stand and take ownership of what's rightfully ours.

Time for women of African descent to walk in the knowledge that we deserve the best.

It's time for the world to treat our crowns with the esteem and respect that we deserve.

Our kinks, curls, and twists represent the authenticity and resilience of who we are as a people.

Our hair is our heritage. Our hair is our power. Our hair is our freedom.

And we will not be denied.